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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smoked Brisket

Yesterday, in Utah it was our "Statehood" Day or the celebration of the day our state was accepted into the union (I stand corrected. A little rusty on my state history, I guess - Thank you - Jake) was founded by the Mormon Pioneers. Around here we call it Pioneer Days, Day of '47 - I am just grateful - I get the day off of work. Now granted I was the only member of my family that got the day off - the rest of them had to work. I decided to fix them a special dinner 'cause I had the time. 

Our local grocery store had a deal on Briskets .... OK so my daughter calls it the "cute girl discount" - the butcher was talking to me about the cuts they offered, then went in the back to see what he had, he came out with a $40 brisket and then promptly marked it down to $24. It pays to be friendly to your butcher. 

Here is what I did to make this little taste of heaven...

Smoked Brisket

Season brisket with your favorite seasoning.
Place brisket fat side up, on foil or in a foil pan (to collect the juices). 
Prepare 12-15 briquettes, place on the bottom grate of your Weber Kettle, for indirect heat.
Add to the briquettes,a few small pieces of your favorite fruit wood (I used apple).
Place the pan or foil w/meat on the top rack of your Weber Kettle. 
Put the lid on and walk away for an hour or so, when the smoke slows check to see if you need to add more briquettes (note only add 4-6 at a time any more will raise the heat too much and will end up burning your meat).
When the meat temps out at 180 degrees (F). 4-5 hours.
Pull an place in a pan with all the juices, cover with foil and let it sit. I like to place mine in the oven on warm (175 degrees) while I fix the rest of the meal.

Another option is after 3 hours pull from the grill and place in a pan with all the juices, cover with foil and place in the oven at 200 degrees for 3-4 hours, till the meat temps out at,at least 180 degrees. 

If you have leftovers - this makes a great sandwich the next day.

Have fun cookin' 

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  1. Actually, Utah became a state on January 4th, 1896. Pioneer Days is a celebration of the day when Mormon pioneers came into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.


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