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Sunday, March 11, 2012

IDOS World Championship Cook-off 2012

This is truly going to be a week that will raise the ol' blood pressure. I was laid off from my previous job back on February 3rd and have been diligently searching since for another. I was, shall I say, not putting 100% into finding something, because of the WCCO. I was worried that if I found something that I may not be able to make it to this cook-off.

As luck would have it - I applied for a job, pretty confident that I could do it - but thinking I would have time before they hired. Well to make things short - I start this new job on Monday (tomorrow) and the WCCO is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week. Yeah you read that right - 2 days of training - off for 3 then start fresh next Monday - I am a basket full of nerves today- I keep telling myself, "Cyndi, you can do this. It's no big deal." while I am battling the feelings of "Cyndi, what have you done, are you freakin' nuts!!" I am truly grateful to this new company for being understanding and open to my commitment.

I have taken the time last week to start packing - I went shopping for the non perishable that I would need and have gotten that packed. I pick the rest up on Wednesday and finish packing then. Just so you understand the "packing" - check out this previous post, Packing for a cook-off after reading this you will understand why I am ever so grateful that my son (and cooking partner) purchased a truck a couple months back. My Mini-van will get a break this year (insert angelic choirs). I am pretty excited for this next week/weekend. I am feeling pretty organized - and confident about my recipes. I'm sorry I will not be posting them for a while - I will post pictures later.

2012 WCCO Cookbook
 If you are interested in the 2012 WCCO cookbook - (Note: this has recipes from 21 teams that have to cook for 2 days - (different recipes)) - you can pick one up here 2012 World Championship Dutch Oven Cook-off - or if you're in town you can pick one up at the International Sportsman's Expo at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, March 15-18. (Click the link for ticket information) I'll be assisting on Thursday and cooking on Friday, with the hopes to be cooking on Saturday also, and assisting on Sunday, so stop by and say Hi! Sit a while (there will be bleacher seating) and watch, talk to the contestants, and check out a demo or two, you might pick up some ideas to take home and try.

As for me, here's to a new adventure!
Hope to see ya'll there!
Have fun Cookin'

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